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David "DevilFish" Ulliott

“The DevilFish”

Professional Poker Player Bio:

There are a lot of colorful characters in the poker world, (which is probably why it makes such a fantastic spectator event), but it would be hard to find one more ominous than The Devilfish. He seems to have taken quite nicely to his moniker, or perhaps it’s the other way around. It’s as if the Devil himself walked into the room when he made his first appearance on the World Poker Tour. His air of English sophistication combined with his reputation of being an especially vicious poker player rivals the likes of Hollywood’s most chilling villains. Hanibal Lecter has nothing on The DevilFish. And it seems David Ulliott would have it no other way.

The DevilFish hails from a small town in Northern England, which is where he both got his start in poker and his eventual nickname. There’s a great article by the Hendon Mob that details the source of his DevilFish nickname.

He is said to have been playing since the age of 15, and he’s won a ton of tournaments along the way. With the advent of made for TV poker shows, The DevilFish has found a well-suited role participating in both Late Night Poker and the World Poker Tour. Every show needs a villain. What better villain is there than one who takes other peoples money for a living?

Personal Website:

Information on The Devilfish on the Web:

  • Shirley Rosario networks with all the pro players, and she takes notes. Make sure to check out the profile she put together on DevilFish, as well a this account of a WPT event the DevilFish won.
  • A great piece on a World Poker Tour event that the Devilfish won, which also reveals the source of his infamous nickname.
  • Detailed profile on the
  • Short Q&A with the Devilfish.
  •’s account of Devilfish’s winnings.

Big Wins:

  • WPT – 2003 World Poker Open – Jan. 2003 – 1st - $590K
  • 1997 WSOP Hold’em Pot Limit – May 1997 – 1st - $180K
  • Pot Limit Omaha (Paris, France) – Jun 2001 – 403,600 FF
  • No Limit Holdem (Nova Gorica, Slovenia) – May 2001 – 66,600,000 Lira (“666” the Devil’s number, no kidding)

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