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Identify the best chips for your home game

There’s really two ways to look at purchasing poker chips. One is to approach it from a utilitarian usage standpoint. The other is to approach it from a long-term investment standpoint.

Purchasing for utility

You need chips to play, so the most prudent decision is to find the least expensive chips that will do the trick. There may be some other considerations here such as durability, ability to get wet, weight, or others, but that is the general idea. Any moderately well conceived poker chip will do. All you need to do is find a decent product at the right price.

If this aligns with your thinking, we recommend you compare our Venerati Ceramic Poker Chips with the other alternatives you are considering. It’s a great value for the price.

Purchasing for long-term investment

Obviously purchasing a poker chip set isn't an investment like in stocks, real estate, or even rare stamps that have a positive expected return, but rather an investment in the sense of lifetime value or utility. In a lot of sports and hobbies, like golf, skiing, or say boating, new equipment (which can be quite expensive) tends to have a relatively short useful life expectancy. A set of golf clubs or skis may last 10 years before you’ll want to replace them if you’re not too caught up in the lastest fashions or trends, but they just aren’t going to last a lifetime. Truly high-end poker chips are unique in this respect in that they are really designed for commercial use in casinos, not for recreational use. As such, they will literally last more than a lifetime in home games, and probably many generations.

If this kind of long term value is more of what interests you, then the smart purchase is to consider one of our high-end casino lines including: the Protege Clay line or the Archetype line.

Will nice chips noticeably improve my home game?

The introduction of high-end casino chips to the home market is relatively new. They just weren’t widely available until a few years ago. And when you compare the prices of high-end chips to the low-end chips you find everywhere for $50-$100 for a 500-chip set, there is naturally an initial sticker shock.

Are high-end casino chips really worth five times the price or more?

Once you have a few games and see how your guests react to actual casino chips in a home game, we’re confident it will be clear as day. If you appreciate nice things in your home, or in the hobbies you pursue, than poker chips are no different. You’ll likely get 100s of hours or more of enjoyment out of them, and if you’re going to be spending that kind of time playing poker, nice chips are simply a must have.

Are you ready to distinguish your home game from all the rest?

How do Sidepot chips stack up to the competition?

The high-end poker chip market is a pretty small niche market. Add to that the fact that there are only a few highly regulated manufacturers of high-end poker chips in the world, and you have a pretty good understanding of the high-end poker chip business environment. There just isn’t room for too many competing high-end chips. As such, there are only a handful of companies in the world that offer truly high-end poker chips, and some of those companies might as well be a single entity because they just offer the same product.

At Sidepot gaming company, all we do is focus on serving this high-end niche market. With three proprietary high-end poker chip lines, we are the industry leader in terms of selection, innovation, and design. Our flagship line, the Protege Clay, is the premier poker chip in the world. Our established lines, the Le Paulson Noir and the Archetype, are benchmarks within the industry in terms of design and quality.

Take a closer look at all of our poker chip lines

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