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Naugahyde and foam padding

You might want to shop around locally for these materials, but they can be found online as well. A good place to start looking for the Naugahyde cover is They have a wide range of materials to choose from and will send you free samples so you can see and feel the differences between them. My recommendation is to go with a material that has some stretching ability to it. Don’t get it too thick, as it will be difficult to stretch around the outside and inside corners.

After looking around extensively online, I found that by the time shipping charges were added to the bill it was much cheaper to just find the material at a local furniture, auto/boat trim, or fabric/upholstery shop. I recommend doing some research online to figure out what you want, so when you call or visit your local retailer you know exactly what to ask for. I have found Naugahyde anywhere from $7-$25 per yard. It is generally sold in standard sheets 54” wide, which is perfect for a 42” wide table as it gives you 6” of extra material around your entire frame. Get 3 yards (9’) of material.

Sourcing the foam padding is pretty much the same story as above, as shipping costs are typically based just as much on bulk (and the foam is pretty bulky) as on weight. Therefore, you’ll likely want to get your padding locally as well. To cover the 23’ track around the frame and account for the corners, I recommend getting 24’ of 6” x 1” foam padding. From my experience, if you get the padding thicker than 1” or wider than 6”, the finished pad feels more like a big pillow around your table, which is less than desirable. Buy the padding in as long of pieces as you can find, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find any 24 footers.

Once you have all of the steps above done, you’ve got a crossroads. Either you can start the upholstering on your own, or take all of the pieces down to your local upholstery shop where they can put it all together for you.



Figure 19.1: Everything you’ll need to either proceed on your own,
or take to your local upholstery shop.

NOTE: The padding pictured is wider and thicker than the 1” x 6” recommended. I do not recommend using padding bigger than 1” x 6”
on a 5” railing.

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