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Attaching the padded railing

Attaching the railing is a fairly straightforward process. I prefer not to make the attachment too permanent in the event that I want to swap out the felt. I use six attachment points using 1½” countersunk wood screws. Drill pilot (guide) holes to prevent the screw from splitting the wood on the railing frame or table. Secure one screw on each corner and one in the middle of each side. You may want to add or subtract from this number, but six is a good starting point. Another thing to consider is marking the tabletop somehow to correspond with the railing so you know which side is which if you ever need to temporarily remove the railing. The screws will line up with your previously drilled holes to help out. That’s it! Here is a picture of the finished poker table with the padded Naugahyde rail.



Texas Holdem Poker Table Plans

Figure 24: The finished table with the padded Naugahyde rail.


Notice the red felt that his visible below the Naugahyde railing. Some people like this and some don’t. If you don’t, one optional added touch is to add a short black skirting around the edge of the table, right below the padded railing. This will do a great job of concealing the colored felt on the vertical edge below the padding, while at the same time, adding some elegance and refinement to your finished table. The material can be found in fabric shops in many colors and textures.

Have fun with your new custom table!

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