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Neophyte Poker Chip Line Images

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25 cent Neophyte Poker Chip
50 cent Neophyte Poker Chip
$1 Neophyte Poker Chip
$2 Neophyte Poker Chip
$5 Neophyte Poker Chip
$25 Neophyte Poker Chip
$100 Neophyte Poker Chip
$500 Neophyte Poker Chip
Yellow Non-Denominational Neophyte Poker Chip
Blue Non-Denominational Neophyte Poker Chip
White Non-Denominational Neophyte Poker Chip
Red Non-Denominational Neophyte Poker Chip

Click any image above for a large, detailed image

Our Neophyte poker chip line represents an attractive mid-range poker chip that is ideally suited towards value-conscious consumers. Neophyte, by definition, means beginner or novice, so it’s appropriate that this line was added to our offerings as a starter set for customers that weren’t quite ready to drop $500-$600 on a set of true casino-quality chips such as our Modern Clay or Archetype lines.

The foundation for the Neophyte poker chip is currently what we’ve found to be the best mid-range poker chip available on the market, which we’ve substantially enhanced with our classically designed 4-color Laurel wreath and dice silkscreen inlay that comes in 8 denominations. The combination of the economical base and the 4-color inlay (reminiscent of what you’d find on our true casino lines) makes for good quality, denominated chips that can be offered at a value-conscious price.

These chips are not clay or “clay composite”, as no inexpensive poker chips are, no matter what anyone tells you. All inexpensive poker chips are injection molded and it’s physically impossible to injection mold clay. They’re all some kind of plastic composite, and are typically made in China. Whatever you do when buying inexpensive poker chips elsewhere, make sure you get a sample first as there are two predominant types, one that feels a bit like a hockey puck, and one that is unmistakably hard cheap plastic (sometimes called ABS). We strongly recommend staying away from ABS. The Neophyte poker chip line contains a somewhat rubbery substance, which makes it approximate a clay chip far better than any other inexpensive poker chip out there.

Since this will be a starter set for many and to ensure an easy path to ownership of a real clay poker chip set, all customers who buy a Neophyte set of 300 chips or more can participate in our Trade-up Program and get a trade-up option worth up to $100 off one of our real clay poker chip sets (see details).




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