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Poker Table Plans

33 Pages (1.5 MB). 52 Full-Color Illustrations.
PDF/e-Book Format. Only $14.95 for a single copy.

Now Available Free Online!

Compliments of Sidepot Gaming Company. Enjoy!

View Poker Table Plans


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Poker Table Blueprints
Naugahyde Poker Table Railing
A Casino Quality Poker Table

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Increased Flexibility! Now includes the flexibility to go with either the fast and easy pre-cut padded railing route, or go big time with a casino-quality customized Naugahyde padded railing.

Unmatched Quality and Comprehensiveness! You won't find better, more comprehensive plans for building a poker table anywhere.

About these Comprehensive Plans

If you’ve ever wanted to play Texas Hold’em on a casino quality table at home, but didn’t want to fork out the huge price tag plus shipping to buy one, then our Texas Hold’em 12-Seat Custom Poker Table Plans are for you. With a set of these plans, a trip to the lumber store, and an afternoon, you can have your very own 8’ professional-style poker table comparable to those you see in casinos, or in tournaments like the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker.

From the Author:

If you’re like me, and want poker night at your house every time to gain the Home Felt Advantage, then build this table!

Building your own table will save you hundreds of dollars compared to paying the prices the casinos do for a hand made table ($450 to $900 for a quality built table). I have seen many poker tables and plans to build your own table elsewhere on the web, and I’ve even bought a few sets of plans to see how they compare to the table I put together. Let me tell you, they just aren’t the same. My plans include many helpful hints and variations on costs and how to save money in different areas if money is tight. With my plans, you get enough choices to really build your own custom table.

The tables I build for my Texas Hold’em tournaments run $200-$240. This is a very realistic cost to build a poker table made with casino quality materials that will last for decades.

Sure, you can probably find plans to build a table for around $150, but at that price you’ll be using pressboard and hobby shop felt. Vegas casinos require quality tables to last, and believe me they don’t make them out of cheap hobby shop materials. My suppliers build Vegas gaming tables for a living. Their professional Vegas tables sell for $900 + shipping, and are built with all of the same materials you will have access to with my plans.

My plans are built for maximum flexibility, so you can substitute any materials on my lists for less expensive items and the plans will work just the same. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

My 30+ page fully illustrated plans are easy to follow step by step plans, which also include a detailed pricing list on materials and tool requirements. What’s more, my plans also include a list of helpful vendors and their websites, which will help with sourcing table hardware and equipment, poker accessories, and the hard to find items such as casino cup holders.

My plans build a solid 8’ x 42”’ folding leg poker table which can seat 12 or more of your closest poker buddies comfortably. The plans can also be used to build a 7’ x 42” table. You decide what you want depending on what size of crowd you’ll typically have.

Don’t settle for a wimpy 6’ table that barely fits 8 players at best. I love Texas Hold’em and I love to play on professional tables. That’s why I’m happy to be able to express my passion for the game thru showing others how to build these fine tables for their own home game. You can go out and find a 7 player fold out poker table top for around $45-$50 and have fun, but I can tell you that sitting down and playing on one of my tables makes all the difference in the world.


Table of Contents

Using a Solid Base
Tool Requirements
The Table Top
Let’s Get Started
Cutting and Sanding
Securing the Tabletop to the Base
Table Foam
Casino “Speed” Felt
The Padded Railing
Option 1: Using a Pre-Cut Padded Railing
Option 2: A Naugahyde Padded Railing
Wood Work
Naugahyde and Foam Padding
Do it Yourself Upholstery
Naugahyde Cover
Attaching the Padded Railing
Storing your Table
Custom Dealer Button
Price & Materials List
Vendor Sources Revealed
Bonus Section: Texas Hold’em Rules

View Poker Table Plans

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