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The finest poker chips money can buy

The foundation of our business is serving an exclusive clientele that will settle for nothing less than the best. To bring them a poker chip that fits within their lifestyle, we work closely with the same manufacturers the top casinos use and push them to create innovative poker chips designed specifically for high-end home games. Our Archetype Casino Chip line is one of the most popular high-end ceramic lines in the market, and our Protege Clay Poker Chip line is perhaps the finest clay poker chip available in the world.

Can the average person tell the difference between a high-end chip and the low-end chips you find everywhere?

Anybody who has spent any time at the tables in Vegas or a casino anywhere in the world will instantly recognize a real poker chip. The sound when rifling thru a stack is unmistakable. A serious gambler can tell just by this sound from across the room. Once you hold them in your hands, the reminiscent clay feel and heavy weight confirm their authenticity.

A lot of cheap poker chips on the market selling for a little less than $100 a set claim to be “casino-quality” or “clay composite” They’re not real casino chips, of course, but the vendors tell their customers they are and the customers tell their friends they are. It’s a vicious circle. In the end, anybody who buys these low-end chips and tries to pass them off as real casino chips will undoubtedly run across some real chips in a casino or at another home game one day and realize their chips are, indeed, not the real deal. Not even close. Hopefully, they figure this out themselves before someone calls them on it in an embarrassing moment.

An investment that will last a lifetime

All of our high-end clay poker chips are made by the same manufacturers that make chips for casinos, and thus are designed for years and years of commercial use. In a home game, these chips will last several generations. There aren’t too many products that you can say that for. When you consider the amount of use you’ll get out of them, they’re really a pretty savvy luxury purchase.

If you’re ready to distinguish your home from all the rest, a good place to start is taking a look at our high-end chips lines. Select your favorite style from among our Protege Clay line and Archetype line.



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