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Customer Testimonials

We believe that outstanding customer service is the only way to build an enduring and successful company. With over twenty-five thousand satisfied customers, we take pride in our high level of service, and hope you take comfort in it when choosing to make a purchase with us.

Avg. Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.62
(on a scale of 1-5 stars, with 5 being "Excellent")


...what recent customers are saying

"Can you say envy? The look in each new players eyes when they sit with these chips. Believe me I’ve seen it many times. I don’t share the price up front, but let them play, when they finally ask, and they all do. The price seems very reasonable. These chips get better with time. As a poker player, I love the feel of chips. Especially used chips, the kind that are like a good old leather jacket or bag, the older and more ware the better they become.

Do you want your new chips to feel used, like that favorite pair of shoes? Shuffle easer?

The chips out of the mold have a sharp edge and are fairly slippery when you receive them, New! When I receive new Clay chips, I’m like a little kid, I can’t wait to fondle them. And I use this excitement to give my new chips some age. First I scrape the edges, both sides all the way around. I use the sharp edge of a pair of scissors, a knife will work. I’m just dragging it across the sharp edge of the chip, scraping off a little shaving. The edge when done is not a right angle anymore, but a softer, chamfered edge, just like a worn chip. This also makes shuffling and other tricks easer. Then, I rub some mineral oil on the chips, not a lot but I rub it in. After a bit I rub them with a soft towel and remove any oil that has not penetrated the chip. Bingo, chips that have the feel of a real used casino chip.

I can add new chips to my set and you would not be able to tell what chips are new or old.

I know I sound obsessed, and in some ways I am, but I just do this when I’m sitting around watching WSOP or WPT and next thing I know I have a stack of awesome chips. My chips only see about four to six games a month so, it would take me years to soften the edges with play. Try doing it to a few and see the results yourself. Beware of trying to do a big set, there’s a lot of edge in a big pile of chips.

Thanks to Stephen and gang for making outstanding chips."

- Scott LaFontsee
Grand Rapids, MI


“Execlent site, easy to use. Full of information on product. Will use again”

- Mark Brown
Fairfax, VA


”Another great buying experience. These chips are a must for the serious player.”

- Tim Jacobsen
Haddonfield, NJ


“The products offered by this merchant are by far the best I have come across. I will most certainly shop here again. The only quarrel I had was that it took a while for the item to be shipped, but that could have had more to do with UPS so Im not upset. Overall a great experience.”

- John Casamento
Malden, MA


“Chips arrived fast and they are the real deal! They feel exactly like Vegas chips and are beautiful.”

- Daniel Ingalla
Great Falls, MT


“I purchased the Modern Clay poker chips last year as a gift for my boyfriend. We liked them so much I bought more for his birthday again this year. The customer service is still great. Im sure Ill be ordering from again!”

- Irene Gutierrez
Elk Grove Village, IL


“They were great. They even called me before they fulfilled the order because it looked a little off. In fact I had ordered too many and I was greatful they called before shipping.”

- Deaton Roden
Allen, TX


“Their product selection is what really appeals to me the most and Im willing to pay slightly more for what I really want. This merchant also has a buy back/upgrade program which is very appealing as I do intend to upgrade in time. The ordering process was easy and confirmation quick. Delivery on time and quality of product as expected. Packaging was excellent and good follow up too. Overall, I would recommend this merchant highly.”

- Anthony Richards
Mattydale, NY


“The archetypes are quite nice.”

- Mark Noldy
Sayre, PA


"Fantastic quality chips. Samples arrived in good condition and promptly. No problems at all. Order with confidence.”

- Steven Hebert
Brooklyn, NY


“Great place to buy poker chips, especially if your looking for professional poker chips that look and feel like they do in the casinos. Great shipping and customer serivice! Would highly recommend.”

- Alex Seppala
Vacaville, CA


“Who: A poker fanatic What: 1000 Inplay chips in various denominations When: Feb. 1, 2006 Where: Eastern Canada How: UPS overnight Why: I was tired of playing with crappy chips and people always asking how much is the blue worth? I have been playing poker for almost 20 years now and have progressed from cash on the table to plastic chips and now to my new Inplay clay chips. I ordered a sample set and based my decision on look, feel and sound. The Inplay have it all. Not to diminish the quality of the other 3 lines, but the Inplay are definately the nicest chips I have seen or played. I wanted a set that would accommodate our regular cash game as well as tournament play. This 1000 chip monster does not disappoint. The price is steep, no question about it, but so is a BMW. If you want the best chip on the market, get these. If you want a Hyundai, look somewhere else.”

- Mark Thornton
Houlton, ME


“Samples of their chips arrived sooner than expected and as ordered. The quality of the chips is as good as it gets. In addition, a Dealer Button and Discount Coupon were included in the package. Altogether a pleasant experience.”

- Thomas N. Patch
Hamden, CT


“S.A. from the customer service was very friendly and accepted a special shipping option for me! Everything was PERFECT, thanks a lot!”

- Stefan Peter Wolf
Kiel, Germany


“Once again, did not disappoint. I iniitally ordered the Modern Clay chip sample to determine if I wanted to purchase them for my boyfriend for Christmas. However, he didnt like them, and I wound-up purchasing a set on eBay that was just not what I expected. I ordered the Archetype poker chip sample. Needless to say, both of us love the look and feel and we plan to order some for Valentines Day. The superior service (prompt shipping, answers to my questions) and quality merchandise make worth the visit.”

- Angela Ferrannini
Watervliet, NY


“6th or 7th order, I keep coming back for a reason!”

- George Singewald
Sacramento, CA


“A flawless transaction. Very fast shipping, timely communications, and an excellent product. These chips are top notch!”

- Jason Palmer
Corvallis, OR


“I recently bought a sample paqck of poker chips from A I was very pleased with their overall service. After I ordered the product online, the store sent me a confirmation email with details informing me that the price charged to my credit card. When the item shipped, I received another email confirming the shipping. My poker chips arrived 10 days later and in good condition and I am now looking to buy a full set of poker chips so when i have friends round we can have a great game.”

- David Knight
Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom


“Ordered the three of each sample set to check out the chips. Can sum it up in one word... AWESOME!! Love the feel and sound of the chips and planning on making a purchase soon. Would highly recommend. Shipping a little slower than shown but not due to the company. Product sent out day after ordered so I would say the USPS was to blame for the shipping.”

- William Klinger JR
Watsontown, PA


“Very expensive, but has top quality products...shipping was fast and even threw in a few extra coupons and a free dealer button.”

- Stavros Christoudias
Jersey City, NJ


“My Grandsons Christmas list included an item from (he even provided the website). I placed my order and received immediate confirmation. I received another e-mail which provided me with shipping information and all the customer service information I would need if I had a problem. I received my order within four days - they even included a little gift! I will definitely shop with them again.”

- Sandra Rosenberger
Atco, NJ


“Great service, Ive ordered twice now and am very happy with my purchase and the efficient delivery. Thanks”

- Cheryl Kemp
Harris Park, Australia


“How nice to receive poker chip samples in a red velvet pouch. Enclosed were business cards for the owner of the business---sure, I understand hes trying to drum up business, but it was a professional touch I did not expect. I anticipate buying a full set of chips in the new year as a gift for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. Of all thec hips I have seen on the market, these are simply the best. Color. Detail. Quality. Thanks for the great service and superior samples.”

- Angela Ferrannini
Watervliet, NY


“I ended up calling the company to ask some questions about my order and they were amazingly helpful. I will definitely buy from them again.”

- Justin York
Cypress, TX


“Yhe poker chips, though pricey, are hugh qualilty and I will be able to hang on to them for my whole life. It adds a great more professional feeling to your home poker games. They are true to their word and make it easy for the buyer. I will most likely go to for all my poker needs. Thanks”

- Lenora Perez
Chicago, IL



“I placed a very complicated order with different quantities of each chip in the line. I promptly received exactly what I ordered. This is a great company. Oh yeah, the chips (Inplay) are awesome!”

- Alan Campbell
Brookline, MA


“My second purchase from ( Their economy chips are far superior to those you find at retail stores. My friends look forward to when the rotating Holdem game is at my house in part due to the nice poker chips Ive acquired from”

- Denise Jorgensen
Castle Rock, CO


“Great seller to deal with. Merchandise arrived ahead of schedule.”

- Barbara Summy
Santee, CA


“This is my fourth purchase from I have been EXTREMELY pleased with every experience. The shipping is fast, the customer service is fantastic, and the prices might seem high, but are fair when you see the rather high quality of the products they offer. When I email them questions I get a response in about an hour. I have never seen another website respond this fast to an email. I truly cant say enough good things about this website. Truly a fantastic company. I will continue to buy from again for a long time. Keep up the good work.”

- Kevin Arnold
Gahanna, OH


“Very fast (very) delivery. Ordered over the phone and he was a pleasure to speak to. WILL buy from this store again.”

- Jason T.
Chicago, IL


“One of the best sources for home poker chips.”

- Peter Breskin
Cheshire, CT


“Everything went perfect..”

- Glenn Hollingshead
Santa Ana, CA


“Quick delivery excellent communication.”

- Jon Urry
Surrey, United Kingdom



- Matt Aaronson
Chicago, IL


“The customer service was excellent, I called with some questions and they were very helpful. The chips were a little pricier than others, but they are very good quality. The company also has an option that allows you to trade in these chips to upgrade to their higher line chips. I do not know any other companys that do that. I have purchased several types of chips in the past and I have played with several other types. These are the best that I have seen at any home game. The only chips that I played with that were better than these were at a casino.”

- Shanton Anderson
Framingham, MA


“The In Play chips are excellent and the service was impeccable. I buy chips from many different manufacturers, clay and ceramic. I felt that the best home chip on the market was the paulsons james bond set until I got this sample. They are now in my opinion the best home poker chip out there. If it were up to me though they would be 1/2 gram heavier and about the same price as the pauslons or the modern clay. That is already pricy enough. Also the perfect chip would have been if they did the In Play $5 denomination chips with the color and edged spots that were done on the modern clay. The In Play $5 casino chip with the Modern Clay colors and edged spots would be out of this world!”

- Eric Wilkinson
Las Vegas, NV


“I think poker chips are expensive - small round chips made in mass production dont seem like they should cost $.50 - $2 each. That having been said - BuyPokerChips offer a nice selection of various levels of chips at competative pricing. I purchased the Neophyte line - which is more then your typical composite ship but is a much better ships. They are a little heavy - if you are use to casino ships - but general feel good to play with and toss into a pot. They looks good and are unique in that not many people have not seen them. They live up to the advertisement as being the best cheap poker chip in the market. The company is easy to deal with responds quickly to email questions and orders. I added on to my set recently - placed the order on Wednesday late in the afternon - the Rep. said hed have it out the door and to me by Friday - I had a game going on Satruday. If I decide to upgrade or purchase more - I will always check with them first. Also, purchase plastic cards - they are worth it - most people overlook them.”

- Brian Bechard
Franklin, TN


“This is the second time Ive ordered from this merchant and they have been friendly and helpful, particularly when I made an error in my order and they called to follow up and clarify exactly what I had ordered. I would gladly order from them again and recommend them to others!”

- Robin Morris
Doylestown, PA


“THANK YOU! This makes my second purchase with Buy Poker Chips. My set now includes 1,200 pieces. More than enough for any home game. As with the first time, the order was processed very quickly, the quality is still outstanding and I could not be happier. Playing more and more No limit Holdem we are going to eventually buy a large set of high value chips for our own No Limit tourneys where a buy in of $100 gets each player $250,000.00 to $500,000.00 in chips. Planning on a full set of some $5,000.000.00 total chip value. We are becoming addicted to these chips! Quality has a way of doing that. My only suggestion would be to consider adding in some more denominations, I would suggest a $10.00 (I would have to add to my own home game set with a $10.00 chip), a $250.00 and possibly a $10,000.00 chip. Thanks again Stephan for outstanding service.”

- Eric Lundquist
Norwalk, CT


“Fantastic seller to work with.”

- Peter Nelson
San Jose, CA


“This place is great. The best customer service I have ever experienced. Even though they charge a lot for the chips, it is worth the cost.”

- Curtis Looney
Germantown, MD


“Both orders shipped the same day they were placed. Seller was amenable to negotiating reasonable discount on higher volume order quantity. Product is exceptional.”

- Scott Williams
Houston, TX


“They had a great selection of poker cards. Their descriptions of the different types of playing cards was very helpful. Their pricing was fair and I received it two days sooner than I expected. It was a very good experience.”

- Deaton Roden
Allen, TX


“Great selection of merchandise: order arrived when promised. Thanks!”

- Joseph Two
Chicago, IL


“Great Service”

- Dain Baltierra
Nampa, ID


“Hello I bought 10 samples of the Neophyte Line. Which I like by the way better than any sample that I have received so far. Though I do have 4 more samples of more expensive chips on the way. Then I will decide what poker chip to buy. I did not like the fact that I could not buy just 2 chip samples since I live in Canada. Had to buy all 10 chip samples at a high cost, which included free shipping but still at a high cost compared to other samples I received from other merchants. I do not like the fact that if I buy a poker chip set of the Neophyte line I would not receive the money back from buying the samples(only if you bought the more expensive line of there chips). Every other merchant that I bought samples from will take off this price when ordering a full set. Some merchants even sent samples at no cost to me. Which I thought was great, though not expected. I do not like the fact that if you buy 600 of these chips at a discounted price, you could not buy 50 or 100 more at the same discounted price. Which makes no sense to me what so ever. Still like I mentioned the chip is the best Ive liked so far. They may still get my business. Just wished that the above mentioned problems were a problem that they could fix. Thank-you”

- Gary Mifflin
Ontario, Canada


“Great product for a competitive price. Customer service was amazing, and the help that I received was much appreciated. I will definitely be doing business with these folks again.”

- Terrence Reiter
Phoenixville, PA


“This site is awesome...great quality and fast shipping”

- Matthew Yazejian
Lauderhill, FL


“Nice web site. Easy to navigate. Quality merchandise with quality prices on most. Some deals to be had. Incentives laced throughout the site. Delivery via UPS wasnt as punctual as I expected. Overall 4 out of 5. Would recommend to both the novice and experienced gambler.”

- David Stuchkus
Forest Park, GA


“I ordered samples of the Modern Clays and the Archetypes each at different times. The shipping was VERY quick. Both chip lines are great. I myself went with the Archetypes. I considered ALL the available options for aquiring a high-quality chip set (clays & ceramics); from custom mades, to all the top casino chip manufacturers home products. I found BPCs chips to be both high-quality and visually pleasing. When it comes down to chip lines, its all a matter of preference and taste; but for those that think the prices are too high, for high-quality chips such as these, thats about how much one would expect to pay (AND they have FREE shipping). Grade A chips and service.”

- Ramiro G Chico
Ingleside, IL


“Before ordering, I had a couple questions about the chips I intended to order. When I called, the merchant provided clear and honest answers to all my questions. The only difficulty I had was with the chip ordering screen. It has all of the necessary information, but the presentation is not completely intuitive to the end user. Once I figured out how to use the order screen, my order went through without any issues. I placed two orders and both shipments arrived on time as scheduled. I would recommend this merchant to my friends/family and I would use them again myself.”

- Paul Farinha
East Bridgewater, MA


“Everything went very smoothly and my shippment arrived much quicker than previous orders placed with this company.”

- Terry Fravel
Canton, OH


“Easy to order. Chips arrived very quickly from accross the country, and they dont charge extra for shipping!!! Product is very impressive. Buying a chip sample from them and other sites helped me to find what I was looking for at the price I wanted.”

- Max Morrison
Dearborn, MI


“Purchased the sample poker chips and the KEM cards, on 2 seperate orders. They were shipped within a few hours of the orders, 2-3 business days arrival. Fast and excellent customer services!! Very high quality poker chips, and the prices go with them!! KEM cards set has 1 card with a nick on the side, manufacturing flaw and not BuyPokerChips fault. Will shop again.”

- Tuan Le
Katy. TX


“The neophyte chips are excellent. My friends like them better than actual clay chip samples we have seen. I think it is due to the nice weight, and the nice rubbery feel the neophytes have.”

- Mark Noldy
Sayre, PA


“Shipping was free and included tracking. Delivery was prompt. Cards are a better quality then I have ever seen”

- David Deganich
Chadds Ford, PA


“I was a bit nervous buying online from Australia however I thought the site was really good and the option to buy and try some samples first really appealed to me - so I did. I was really pleased when my purchase arrived within a few days, now I just have to decide which chips to buy. Good site, thanks very much for the great service.”

- Cheryl Kemp
Sydney, Australia


“My whole experience with was great. I visited their live location in San Diego (since moved to Northern CA, I believe) and spoke to the actual people running the business, and got to check out the actual products. I highly recommend the Copag playing cards and the Archetype chips. Grab at least a sample bag of them, if you are used to playing with costco-type chips, youll see how huge an upgrade they are. Ive ordered over the internet twice from them and got my product promptly and the order processed accurately.”

- Christopher Czernel
Foothill Ranch, CA


"Awesome. 2nd purchase from for me. the quality of the chips are unbelievable and the service was great too. Highly recommended."

- Tim Jacobsen
Haddonfield, NJ


"This is my 3rd purchase from Ive had great experiences each time. The customer service, in particular, Mr. Aarstol, has been spectacular. They are understanding and proactive when issues arise. Plus, the chips are great!"

- Brian Powers
Fayetteville, NC


"Had no problems at all. Work with me very well. Very happy with these chips they are with out a doubt a great product. If you are a serious poker player and enjoy having games. Spend the money these chips are a must. Dont be tricked like I was into buying chips that vendors claim are real clay. The Modern Clay Chip they offer are the real mecoy! These are real casino chips and they will last a long long time."

- Robert Penza
Mullica Hill, NJ


"The customer service department is one of the best, most courteous, and most responsive I have ever run across. They make the process pleasant."

- Armen Varteressian
Sunnyvale, CA


"Great company and very knowledgeable ... Definitely will buy from again. Great job guys and keep up the good work."

- Matthew Orton
Erie, PA


"Pricey, but excellent customer service. Good poker chips."

- Steve Winkler
Arlington, TX


"Very easy to use. Excellent communications - I always knew what was going on. Excellent price. Prompt delivery. A first rate online company who I would recommend to family and friends."

- Andy Kershaw
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom


"thank you, you guys are awesome, i really like the chips but i need somehting more authintic. so, i am going to order a sample of your Archetype poker chips and will more than likely be purchasing a set of them in the near future. keep up the good work and i hope my next purchase from u guys will be as easy as the first. THANK YOU"

- Ben Udy
Camarillo, CA


"Fast fast fast great customer service chips great quality loved the overall experience"

- Jim Doyle
Hammonton, NJ


"After searching for decent poker chips for a reasonable price, I found everything I ever needed at I was thoroughly pleased with every aspect of my purchase. Will recommend them to everyone and will turn to them for any future purchases of my own. Thanks!"

- Paul Leddy
Westmont, IL


"Excellent service and Quick delivery. Everything crossed the border (Im from Canada) without problem."

- Simon Desmeules
Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada


"great product, great service. but expensive"

- Ken Kushner
Bayside, NY


"excellent chips. Great buy for the quality. I would recomend them to my friends and buy from them again. Also, trade up program is a great incentive."

- Ryan Willbee
Jackson, MI


"I ordered the 4 of Each Sample from Shipping was extremely fast (Priority Mail) and the samples were as described."

- Robert Lidral
Marlborough, MA


"I recently purchased the Casino Chip Carrier, Chip Racks, and a chip sample. Once I received these, I turned around and bought the Modern Clay poker chips. These are high-quality products. They were a gift for my boyfriend, and he was as pleased as I was. In addition to the high-quality products, also has excellent customer service. I had no problems ordering from them. They processed and shipped my orders promptly, which was wonderful since they were a gift. I highly recommend"

- Irene Gutierrez
Elk Grove Village, IL


"Fantastic customer service and responsiveness. I wish all internet retailers were this good. I enthusiastically recommend them (and, for the record, I have no affiliation with this company -- I am truly a man on the street for this)."

- Scott Calfas
Los Angeles,CA


"Had a small issue with some of the chips. They were replaced promptly without any questions. Very happy with this merchant."

- Paul Luttrell
Weymouth, MA


"Great products. The delivery was quick and free (cant beat that)."

- David Smith
San Diego, CA


"I extensively researched a number of websites, stores and chip manufacturers prior to purchasing my chips. After looking at a number of samples the Archetype chips from Buy Poker Chips were the most outstanding; Great look and feel. In my search I found most places only have a couple of set options - 300 or 500 chips and you get what comes in the set. Buy Poker Chips had a multitude of purchasing options – complete sets, customizable sets, and add ons. The quality of their chips is top rate CASINO QUALITY. Customer service is excellent! Communication via email to confirm and track orders; the shipping is fast – I had my chips inside a week. They stand behind their product!! Any questions or problems they reply to your calls or emails immediately – and whatever the problem it’s resolved quickly. I would absolutely purchase again from Buy Poker Chips. The price is expensive, however to quote the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Every person who has played at my table since I got these chips has remarked how nice they are and asked where I got them. The chips are impressive and are casino quality. I highly recommend Buy Poker Chips. If you are serious about your game, and want to have great set of chips vs. the run of the mill stuff out there, make the investment through Buy Poker Chips."

- Bernard DiSarcina
Somerville, MA


"Great range of excellent products - Easy to shop with - great service and fast response to email queries - great delivery - will shop again!"

- Ben Coombe
Perth, Western Australia, Australia


"Of course a great product, I just received my second order of 300 chips, bringing my total to 900 now. If I did not like the product, I would not be coming back. The customer service was exceptional, i received email replies regarding my questions on the same day including Saturday and Sundays. Thanks again to everyone there."

- George Singewald
Sacramento, CA


"Excellent costmer service and a perfect product. Pleasure to do business with"

- Belinda Castillo
lansing, IL


"2 days ship time, doesnt get any better"

- Greg Dieterich
Denton, TX


"Buy Poker Chips was a very easy online purchase. There was great communication. The shipping was extremely fast and chips were wonderful. Great Company would do business with agian."

- Matthew Wade
Frazeysburg, OH


"Fast shipping and everything sent as per description on their website. Will do future business with merchant when I can afford it."

- Jordan Semark
Kalamazoo, MI


"Some difficulty with partial item on back-order, but the wait gave rise to an new opportunity to have the goods delivered to a friend in the US who was coming to visit me overseas, thus making a big difference versus Global UPS shipping cost. In order to make it to my friend in time, they had to send my order overnight UPS still at their cost to make up for the back-order delay. Customer Service was there to make up for the delay. I spent $800 so you’d assume they would treat you well, and they did. I would highly recommend their shop."

- Harlan Webber
London, England


"These people are great; top-notch products, service, delivery, etc. I got a set of Neophyte chips which fit my current needs perfectly, and Im sure Ill be evaluating the trade-up to Modern Clays or Archetypes sometime next year. Id highly recommend to anyone looking for quality poker goods, no question."

- Brett Keller
King of Prussia, PA


"I was very impressed and pleased with the service I received. The product was top-notch quality!!! I would definitely recommend this company without reservations."

- Roger Pelletier
Dillon, MT


"I live in Australia and Im very impatient when waiting for items from overseas as I have to have it now. The price of the shipping was a bit steep, but you should have seen my eyes when I got the item I ordered 2 working days after I ordered it online (US to Australia)!! I payed for the item Thursday evening and received it Monday afternoon (would have got it quicker if I ordered earlier in the week)!! Great service. We play alot of poker for our home games so we will definately use for future poker related purchases. Thanks"

- Fab Ciccone
Windsor, Victoria, Australia


"This is the way internet business should be."

- James Meriwether
South Bay, FL


"Expensive, but an excellent product and smooth transaction."

- Brian Benton
Philadelphia, PA


"As soon as the ordre was placed I received an email confirmation that the ordre was received, followed by an email of the estimated ship date. The next day an email was received saying the order had shipped. The order was shipped and arrived on time. The table felt was expensive but well worth it. I found nothing else out there that compared. I suppose the fact I did not need to call their customer support for anything speaks for the level of care they take with the customers orders. Overall I am extremly statisfied with the purchase and my experience with Now that the table is done I guess it is time to buy the chips."

- Bobby Yates
Lewisville, TX


"They do a fantastic job. They have a fast, intuitive, and colorful site, that entices the buyer in to take a look. I wouild definitly recommend this merchant to other customers."

- William Knippel
Lees Summit, MO


"Always the very best products with quality service."

- George Hohman
Lutherville, MD


"I am very pleased with the Neophyte poker chips. The other chips were a lot more expensive and based on the few amount of times I host poker games, these chips are perfect and look great. I had the cheap plastic 11.5 gram solid chips, but now look a step above my other friends with my new line of Neophyte chips. Thank you very much, the delivery was very quick!"

- George Singewald
Sacramento, CA


"Very Happy with product and speed of delivery"

- Frank Tysl
Rolling Meadows, IL


"I took a lot of effort looking for a real quality product in new poker chips for our home games. Wanting to take our games to another level of enjoyment for all involved. After much effort I kept coming back to Buy Poker Chips .com. Although definitely a little pricey, there are times in life where the better quality is worth some additional cost. I see these as a lifetime investment. I am looking forward to increasing the size of my stock over time. Started with 600 chips and plan on increasing that to about 1500 pieces. I will DEFINATELY be back again and again. Sincerely, Eric"

- Eric Lundquist
Norwalk, CT


"The Neophyte Poker Chips look, sound, and feel exactly like real poker chips. It’s definitely worth the money, a little more expensive than the ones at Sports Authority, but mine don’t sound like metal clanking together, they sound like clay! The only downside to buying these is that they don’t come in a carrying case. Other than that, I definitely recommend them."

- Barry Jones
Zebulon, GA


"I am convinced this is the BEST casino chip seller on the web. (I compared more than 20) First, when I ordered sample chips from 6 different venders, had my samples to me faster than any other vendor. The quality of their chips far surpassed anything else I received… I can tell you without any hesitation that the feel and look of the Modern Clay is the best. I showed the chips to all of my poker buddies and everyone picked the 4 Modern Clay sample chips from a pile of more than 50 samples with no guidance or leading them on. I simply placed all of the samples on the table and asked them which ones they liked without any hint of what I liked. Only 1 out of 10 picked the ceramic. I personally thought the ceramic were a little to busy so the clay were my choice. Stephan at BuyPokerChips was very helpful and everything was exactly as advertised. A great company and I’ll be back for more."

- Edward Wheaton


"They did a fantastic job of processing my order, and i ordered another set of chips a week later. I look forward to doing business with this online merchant again. They aim to please, and that is exactly what they did. Anyone considering buying chips from them should seriously consider it. I have never been happier with my purchases online. Keep up the good work, the home poker community depends on it."

- William Knippel
Lees Summit, MO


"Wanted to see the poker chips. I purchased a sample of the product, it was beyond the quality that I thought it was. Item arrived in two days. Will be purchasing a set of poker chips, for his birthday. Highly recommend."

- Monte Deeds
Olympia, WA


"I very much enjoyed my experience shopping with I’ve given out the cards they included with my order to a couple of friends who are also in the market for some good quality poker chips. I can’t wait to use them at our next poker night! Thanks so much for your prompt shipping and excellent packaging. Everything arrived in good shape, ready to use. I’m very pleased."

- Jonnelle Rein
Antioch, TN


"Order arrived promptly. The merchandise was in good condition and was of top quality. I will tell my friends!"

- Jason Christie
Renton, WA


"I wish all merchants were this great!"

- Charles Palmer
Ventura, CA


"Top-notch line of products, reasonable prices, quick shipping. What’s not to like? (And the Neophyte chips were a hit at Christmas.)"

- Robert A Kennelly Jr
Palo Alto, CA


"Helpful web site to educate the buyer. Product was shipped and received quickly."

- Al McGee
Stuart, FL


"I recently bought a set of Poker Chips for my Father for Christmas. Although he wanted real clay chips, which were out of my price range, had a great selection to choose from. They even offered a buy-up program where you could trade in what you bought for a higher quality product at a discounted rate. They explained the positive and negatives of each style they sold to help you better understand the variations that are out there. After I ordered the product online, they sent me an email thanking me and confirming my order parameters. I would definitely do business with them in the future."

- Dannie Timblin
Hayward, CA


"Great chips. Purchased a sample pack which was delivered within two days. Ordered a 500 Archetype set two days later and they were delivered within three days. Great products and prompt service. Cost a little more, but worth it. Would do business with again and have already recommended to friends."

- Michael Macedonia
Fernley, NV


"True Military Support for APO, Product arrived exactly as stated with no broken chips. Could I also mention that during the holiday season stuff gets delayed, not from this company. Truly amazing. Thanks"

- Eric Ferro


"Saw what i needed - clicked and 5 days later it was there - great shopping experience!!"

- Jeffery Benedix
Plantation, FL


"Very pleased with this company. Received product in timely fashion as promised, even during the holiday season. Web page was easy to use. Product was delivered in good order. Will do business with this company again."

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East Lansing, MI


"I recently purchased a 300 chip set of clay poker chips from I was very satisfied by the service provided by The product arrived on time and I was especially pleased by the free shipping option around the holiday season."

- Bobby Cummings
Yonkers, NY


"This merchant was excellent in keeping me informed upon the status of my order and being available for any questions I might have had. Promptness and customer service appears to be very important to them! I was extremely pleased with my transaction!"

- Robin Morris
Doylestown, PA


"Satisfied Customer!! I order the Neophyte sample pack of two. Turn around and bought 700 Neophyte poker chips – for the money they’re Great! They have a casino quality look, feel and sound. They stack up solid; the colors and graphics are professional. A throw into the pot produces that sound you expect from a casino chip. Don’t get wrap up about chip weight (11-13 gram). What you’re looking for is casino chips (9-10 gram) not table coasters. Later on, hope to trade up to the Modern Clay line. In the mean time the Neophyte chips will do just fine."

- Donald Hill
Euless, TX


"These folks are honest and extremely helpful. They don’t push anything on you and they are very clear about what they have to offer."

- Marion Waggoner
Chillicothe, OH


"I was very pleased with my experience with They were extremely helpful and informative when I called with questions. My merchanidise shipped immediately and was received in good condition. The chips are substantial, high-quality and very handsome. The Mahogany case showcases them nicely. I would recommend using this company in the future."

- Robin Olivier
Richmond, VA


"I ordered the 10 chip Modern Clay sample pack from The chips are very nice (both color and feel). I emailed a question to the merchant on a Saturday morning and received a reply within a few hours. That really surprised me. I was sure I would have to wait until Monday morning to be contacted."

- Thomas Geil
Franklin, WI


"Far and away one of the best online merchants I've ever ordered goods from. BuyPokerChips.coms service is on par with Amazon, and that speaks volumes about the professional nature of that business. Not only that, the Archetype chips are one of the top rated casino products on the web, and I could not be more happy with my choice. (My other choice was the Modern Clay chips, so had my sale one way or another.) Congratulations to the folks in San Diego. Hopefully, other web sites will follow your lead."

- Paul Cornelissen
Los Angeles, CA


"Everything went well, except for when the package arrived the order was slightly wrong. I contacted them immediately and they were very polite and easy to deal with and easily helped amend the problems."

- Jonathan Sass
Greenfield, WI


"These guys are fantastic!!! Have already made two big purchases and plan on many more in the future. They handle their business the way it should be."

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- Michael Carter
Riverside, CA


"I purchased the sample pack of all three types of chips. I found ordering very easy, I received the package in just several days. The poker chips are very nice quality but a little more than I could afford to spend...however, if I had the money, the Archetype chip would be my choice for sure...these chips are the real deal. Someday I will buy these chips for my poker game."

- Eric J. Mullins
Cheshire, CT


"We had a little confusion over the initial shipment but I would recommend this company to anyone. They have a trade up policy, and I know I will do business with them again very soon. Customer service dept. is the best I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Thank you!"

- Allen Olesen
Mesa, AZ


"Great place to shop. Fair pricing and excellent service on the phone."

- Greig Smithy
Nederland, TX


"Chips are a bit pricey, but then again, you get what you pay for, and these are very nice chips (archetype). Easy to work with and great to have free shipping, because these chips are not light."

- Daniel Crane II
San Diego, CA


"I just received the modern clay chips with the case. WOW!!! I never expected them to look like that. When you see them in stacks they just blow your mind. Thanks so much for your assistance on the phone as well. I will be buying more next year in late January. Plus I will be getting the KEM cards tommorow maybe. This week for sure. Thanks again."

- Josue Medina
Kissimmee, FL


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Gahanna, OH


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- Tricia Parket
Land O'Lakes, FL


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Pittsburgh, PA


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Fayetteville, NC


"These guys are great, every experience with them so far has been wonderful, My sample chips I ordered were beautiful, and they arrived quickly, the only unfortunate thing is that they are so popular that I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my full set!! Great products tho!"

- Andrew McMillan
Leesburg, VA


"I enjoyed this experience of buying online very much. Wanted to get a feel for the two main products this company offered and was able to do so with a minimum of problems. Also the delivery was on time, within two business days, and was relly pleased with that. Am considering purchasing their product within the next couple of weeks."

- Clinton Smith
Adair, OK


"High quality merchandise with very quick response to purchase and fast shipping. In my mind this place knows what it is doing and is a reliable dealer. I couldnt be any more pleased with the service."

- Daniel Reay
Pittsburgh, PA


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Cincinnati, OH


"whole experiance was good,thanks for the good service."

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Corsicana, TX


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Burbank, CA


"Easy transaction with great customer service. UPS had ripped the box that my item shipped it and immediatly sent out replacements."

- Cori Miller
Baldwin, NY


"Great poker chips. I ordered a few samples and will probably be getting a full set in the near future. Great customer service, shipping price is included and the chips arrived quickly. Thanks again!"

- Peter Breskin
Cheshire, CT


"I compared 7 different outlets for this product. Their online pitch was good. The product was a little more expensive than other outlets. However, they offered a plan for extra credit $, if i buy up the product within two years. Their promotional information seemed more honest than all others. I am satisfied with this transaction and i would use this merchant again."

- King Jay II Mulholland
Elgin, IL


" is always a pleasure to buy from, I never have to worry about anything. The quality of thier products are outstanding!"

- Ryan Abe
Honolulu, HI


"When recently trying to decide exactly what type of poker chips to buy, I came accross and found their information very informative. I decided that if I was going to spend that kind of money on poker chips, I would take their advice and order a sample first. The sample arrived 2 days later and it was very obvious the difference between the different types of chips. The decision to buy was made easier by the fact the sample pack included a credit for its price if I bought the higher end chips - which made the sample effectively free. I continued to look at other sites, mainly because was a little more expensive, and kept coming back to because of the sample pack and the good experience with that. In the end, I ordered a 300 chip package of their high end chips and am extremely satified with them. I would recommend this site to anyone interested in buying real poker chips."

- Rick Duff
Yorba Linda, CA


"Outstanding personal service. They were really helpful after I was only able to receive a half order from one of their resellers,and they made a special run of the chips I needed to make a full set. Thanks Guys! Ron"

- Ron Cedillos
Laguna Niguel, CA


"Vendor has quality products. Sample pack purchased was soon after discountinued, but they were upfront about it, and offered to extend discount to another product. Would definately do business with them again."

- David Ryan
Hagerstown, MD


"Excellent merchant. The poker chips I purchased were absolutely top rate. Ive played with all of the cheap 11.5 gram chips out there and they dont even come close to the ones I purchased here. Great customer service and knowledgabel staff. These guys really know their stuff. Additional shipping options would a nice addition to the site. Other than that everything else is fantastic."

- Henry Helgeson
Boston, MA


"I got a confirmation eMail the moment I placed my order. I then got another eMail (including the UPS tracking number) when my order was shipped - which was the same day! EXCELLENT buying expierence! To bad all on-line merchants dont run their buisness like does!"

- Dan Friedman
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


"could not get the chips i wanted until 4-6 weeks but the customer service was great. i recieved a phone call to make sure it would be ok for this delivery and they worked with me the best they could. very happy with the quick and personal care!"

- Stephanie Purnell
Shelbyville, KY


"Shipped very quickly. Good quality product. Might buy more chips at some point! Erin"

- Erin Riley
Seattle, WA


"Very good to do business with would buy from again."

- Ed Melshen
Indianapolis, IN


" service was overall excellent. They ship my purchase so fast, that it actually suprised me when it arrived!! Their products are of excellent quality and I would recomend their services to anyone! I look forward to building my very own Poker table!! Thank you for the great service!! I apologize for not completing this review faster, but I kept forgetting to do it. My most sincere apologies and I hope to do more business with you guys in the future!!"

- Luis Jacobo
San Diego, CA


"Very simple here. Merchant accurately described what was being bought, delivered promptly, end of story. No problems, no hassle. Wish all merchants were all this easy!"

- Rob Yeichner
Frisco, TX


"Fast delivery. Excellent quality. Would definately purchase from these guys again."

- Erik Peterson
Marietta, GA


"I ordered the sample chips as part of my research in finding a chip set for home use. Still havent made a final decision, but the response from this company was outstanding."

- William Barnes
Federal Way WA


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