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We're a boutique of the world's finest clay poker chips - made by the same manufacturers that make poker chips for top Las Vegas casinos including the Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, Paris/Bally's, the Palms, etc. We've spent years meticulously developing a renowned range of high-end poker chip lines broad enough to suit any customer's requirement.

Best Poker Chips
Ceramic Poker ChipsFinest ceramic - Archetype
Best mid-range poker chipBest mid-range - Venerati
Best custom poker chipsBest custom - Epiphany
Best in Class in Every Category!

Archetype Poker Chips
Finest Ceramic Chips
Venerati Ceramic Poker Chips
Redefining Value
Custom Poker Chips
Custom Poker Chips
100% Custom

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Custom Poker Chips
  • 75? per chip
  • 500 chip min
  • 1-3 weeks
  • $29 artwork

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Why Sidepot is Different

Sidepot Gaming Company has been a leader and innovator in the high-end poker chip market since 2003. Back then, home poker players like you looking for poker chips just like the ones in the casinos didn?t have many good options. There were (and sadly still are) tons of places selling cheap plastic chips and shadily calling them everything from ?true clay? to ?clay composite? to ?casino quality? (see our page on ? Why cheap poker chips suck ?). Finding high-quality poker chips, on the other hand, was a bit of a hunt if you could find them at all back then. You could literally spend days searching online and sorting thru all of the misinformation. We experienced this frustration ourselves, and then set about to create a solution for home poker fans just like us.

In 2003, we tracked down every leading casino chip manufacturer in the world and worked closely with them to develop well considered, well designed high-end poker chip lines for consumers made exactly like they make chips for the casinos. At significant expense, we created our own proprietary molds. We brought poker chip aficionados and collectors into our discussions and ferreted out what exactly the market wanted, and then we leaned on the manufacturers to produce exactly that. In one case this meant digging up 30 year old manufacturing techniques to reclaim the classical look of old style Vegas chips. We were selling chips, but we were also on a relentless research and development path to improve them. We?re perhaps the only R&D focused poker chip retailer in the world. It?s not for everyone!

Over the past eight years we?ve also tapped our vast customer base for design talent and combined with our own R&D this has created numerous breakout hits in the high-end poker chip world including: the Archetype poker chip line, and the value-redefining and beautiful Venerati chip line. Add to this some of the nicest custom poker chips money can buy and this broad range of lines represents something for every taste and preference, and leverages the expertise of every major casino chip manufacturer on the planet.

How much do they cost?

A 300-chip set of high-end poker chips (same manufacturers as Vegas casinos) go for between $300 and $400. A 1000-chip set is in the range of $1,000 to about $1500. This is for the best chips money can buy. You can get a decent set of 500 mid-range poker chips for between $200 and $300.

Why spend $300 to $1500 on a set of poker chips?

High-end poker chips are a commercial product that just happens to be available to consumers. In a casino, these chips last 7-10 years, being used 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 365 days/yr. In a home game they will last a lifetime. You can easily spend the same on a set of nice golf clubs that will last you only a few seasons. Plus if you get a good book on poker strategy, your chips will likely pay for themselves many times over.

Why buy from Sidepot Gaming?

While we are unquestionably the leading online retailer worldwide of high-end poker chips, we?re more than just a retailer selling commodity products that you can buy everywhere. We?re a boutique with our own exclusive chip lines.

Since 2003, we?ve been designing and producing our own exclusive poker chip lines, on our own exclusive molds, from every leading casino manufacturer worldwide. We blend their manufacturing expertise with uncompromising, world class design, and then offer that product direct via the web to consumers in over 30 countries worldwide. As a result, our chip lines are #1 worldwide in their respective categories. Our Archetype line is the top ?casino-quality? ceramic worldwide. Our Venerati is the top price/quality tradeoff chip worldwide. Our custom ceramic chips are surpassed by none. We?re focused and we?re good at what we do. Our goal is to ensure you have no compelling reason to go elsewhere for your high-end poker chip needs.

  • No sales tax (except in California)
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days
Ready to take your game to the next level?

Order one of our casino quality poker chip sets today and they could be on their way in just a few days. Want to see and feel the casino quality of our clay poker chips before you buy? Poker chip samples start at just $5. Why wait?

Order your poker set today!

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Over 25,000
Satisfied Customers!

"This is the way internet business should be."

-James Merriwether
South Bay, FL

"I placed a very complicated order with different quantities of each chip in the line. I promptly received exactly what I ordered. Oh yeah, the chips are awesome!"

- Alan Campbell
Brookline, MA

Read testimonials from hundreds of other satisfied customers!

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