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Poker table foam

First, ensure the top is swept clean, as this is the last time it will see daylight for a long time. Even the foam up at one end and smooth it out flat. For an 8' table, you will need to purchase 2 pieces of table foam padding because they only come in lengths of 72" (A small price to pay to the poker gods). Note the seam this creates (See Figure 9.1 below).


Foam padding for poker tables

Figure 9.1: Securing the foam padding and any seams with masking tape.


I recommend using some light masking tape to temporarily hold the foam in place while cutting. Don't use a tape that is too tacky, as it may damage the foam. Razor blades work like a charm to cut this material. Just butt the razor up against the table and use the table edge as a guide. Slowly and carefully work your way around the ends. If the foam overlaps on the sides, cut it in the same manner down the sides. Use the second length of foam to complete the rest of the table in the same fashion.



High densite foam for poker tables
Figure 9.2: One foam pad comes up short


padded poker table foam
Figure 9.3: Keep the tape on for the next step


Now that you have your foam pieces cut to fit, you are ready to adhere it to the tabletop. Before proceeding, it might be a good idea to take a piece of scrap wood and scrap foam and experiment with it to see how much spray on adhesive will do the job. When you feel comfortable, carefully peel off the tape from one end section of the table and fold back the foam. Take your adhesive and spray the tabletop, putting just enough on to secure it. Also put just a bit on the underside of the foam.

Note: You will only be removing the tape from one section of the table at a time as you apply the adhesive. The tape on the other sections remains in tact. This is to ensure everything stays in alignment as you work down the table.


Spray on adhesive holds the poker table foam

Figure 10: Securing the table foam to the tabletop.


After applying the adhesive, lay the foam down and smooth it over with your hand. Allow tacking before you proceed to the next section. Now, take the tape off the middle section of the table and duplicate the same process. Just slowly work your way down the table checking the alignment as you go. Remember, this glue only really holds it in place enough to be able to work with the felt without the foam sliding around underneath.

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